Our Founder, Erin Gloor, is a gymnast and cheerleader with a passion for helping children to grow, develop, and be their best. Erin founded USA Twisterz in February of 2014 to not only offer children the opportunity to develop their skills, but to develop personally.  Whether you are looking for a one night a week social experience for your child, or your child is committed to learning the art of gymnastics or dance, you can rest assured knowing that Erin has built USA Twisterz with the mission to deliver the best possible experience for each and every student!

About Us: 

USA Twisterz provides a safe, positive, caring environment where your child can learn, develop, and thrive. USA Twisterz staff is committed to the highest principles of sport ethics. We develop motor skills and body awareness, promote team spirit, and build strong character and self esteem. We conduct ongoing evaluations of our students to identify individual ability and help them excel. We want them to get the most out of their gymnastics, dance and yoga experience, while having fun in the process! 

USA Twisterz offers year-round opportunities to enhance your child's physical ability, coordination, confidence, and self discipline. Increased physical skills enhances self-esteem, and good self-esteem is the key to a more successful and happy life. The goal of USA Twisterz is to encourage children to develop to their greatest potential in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. At USA Twisterz, we offer small group instruction in our 5,000 sq. ft. facility, which is centered around our students and helping them succeed.


Make Up Policy:  
USA Twisterz offers 3 make up classes per semester. Please consider this when enrolling in our classes and plan accordingly as adjustments in payment due to absences are not permitted. Make-ups need to be scheduled in advance to ensure there is space in the class for your child. All make- ups must be completed within the semester of missed class(es).

Refund Policy:  

​USA twisterz has a strict no refund policy. Please be mindful of this policy when signing your child up for classes. If you have an unexpected scheduling change and there is space in a class that better fits your schedule, we will be happy to transfer your child into the under enrolled class. When joining our program you are commiting to the entire 20 week (fall and spring) or 9 week (summer) program. 

All refund requests involving injuries or illness requires a doctor’s note and must be submitted within two weeks of the first class missed.USA twisterz is in no way obligated to provide credits. In some extenuating instances, we are able to drop your child from a class and credit your internal USA twisterz account for the balance of the classes. Examples of these extenuating circumstances are serious injury or serious illness with a doctor’s note, or class cancellation on the part of USA twisterz. This credit would be applied to another class, toward camp, or toward Parents' Night Out. These credits are completely at the discretion of USA twisterz and must be used for classes or camp within one year of the date that the credit is issued. ALL membership fees and tuition are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

Holiday Break Policy:  

Holidays are fixed into the monthly tuition and do not receive make-up classes. Our scheduled breaks are Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks. Scheduled holidays will be on our website. A reminder will be sent by email. Please check with the us if you have any questions regarding holiday breaks. We do not pro-rate the monthly tuition for any missed classes, rather we design our schedule with holidays in mind ensuring your child will receive the accurate amount of classes for each semester they are enrolled (Fall/Spring: 20; Summer:9).

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West Caldwell NJ 07006
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