​​What should my child bring/ wear to class? 

Girls must wear a leaotard. Hair must be tied up and out of face. Boys can wear a t-shirts and shorts or sweats without pockets. No large or baggy clothes. No jeans, shoes, buttons, or zippers. No jewelry. Make sure to bring a water bottle to class with you. Socks and shoes are to be left outside in the cubbies.

How do I determine which class is right for my child? 

Age and ability are the two factors in determining which class is right for your child. Our classes will be age-based if they are first-timers to gymnastics. If they have gymnastics experience, then their ability along with age will determine the right class for your child. This is why we offer free introductory classes. Our main goal is to find the best fitting class for your child. We progress students on an individual basis and aim to provide a fun, motivating class for your child each and every time. 

What should I do if I need to change my child’s class? 

Please notify the studio of any and all class / schedule changes to ensure that there is availability for your child. 

How will I know when my child is ready to move to the next level?

Our classes run on an individual bases, so as soon as the coaches feel that your child has met all of the requirements to move to the next level, they will move them up. If you would like one of our coaches to assess your child outside of class, please schedule a session with Miss Erin and Miss Nicole for an assessment. 

​How often are classes?
You can decide how many classes are right for your child. Most children start with one time per week and increase their time at the gym as they progress. There are four classes in one "month" or billing session, per week.

Behavior Policy:

Good behavior must be shown at all times. Students displaying disorderly conduct before or during class will be asked to sit out of the class.

Spectator Policy:

Due to insurance restrictions no one is allowed in the training area before class without an instructor. Siblings and friends not enrolled in class must remain outside the training area and must be supervised by an adult. When class is over, gymnasts must leave the training area. The instructors will need to start the next class and therefore cannot supervise them. 

Food Policy: 
For safety and hygienic reasons no eating, drinking, smoking, or gum chewing is allowed in or around the training area.

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