Competitive Development/ Pre-Team
This program is by invitation only and is designed for children who have demonstrated a physical and mental aptitude and have the desire to learn at a more rigorous pace. These classes focus on developing higher gymnastic skills in combination with the goal of one day being invited to join one of our Competitive Team Programs.

 In order to participate Gymnasts must commit to 2 practices per week, all year round. During the spring time the girls will have the opportunity to participate in a meet to expose them to meet culture. Our practice team leotard is required for our pre-team athletes. 

Our Recreational classes are designed to meet the needs of children in their formative years. A maximum ratio of 8 to 10 students (depending on their age and class level) per instructor ensures plenty of attention for each child while providing the class with the best energy balance. We make every effort to make sure that children are not only challenged in their learning but always feel successful while doing so.

USA Twisterz is well known for monitoring every child’s progress to ensure their full potential and will share with you what the next step should be. In all of our programs, your gymnast is encourage to participate more than one time per week to increase the continuity benefits.

​XCEL Bronze

XCEL Silver

​XCEL Gold

2021 - 2022 XCEL Platinum 

Is your child interested in joining our team? 

Contact us to schedule an evaluation and see what team will work the best! 

Gymnastics Programs

USAG Competitive Program

These hour and fifteen minute classes are designed to help each individual student tackle their own challenges while achieving various gymnastics skills. This class celebrates your child's personal achievements, confidence, and determination while striving to improve their gymnastics skills and foster personal growth. Fall 2020 times adjusted to 1 hour we will go back to hour fifteen minute long classes for our Spring session!


pre-k and kindergarten (Ages 3-6)

These hour-long classes are designed to help your child exert energy while reaching their own developmental milestones independently.

Your kids will learn in a structured environment where gymnastics and other activities are used to foster fitness and great fun! Fall 2020 times adjusted to 45 min we will go back to hour long classes for our Spring session!


grade school (Ages 7 and up)