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Students under age 7: 
Children younger than the age of 7 must be escorted into and out of the gym.  Students under the age of 7 will not be allowed to leave the gym without a parent.  Children should not be left unattended in the lobby before or after class, parents may leave once their child has started their class.  In the case where a class is over and a parent is not here to pick up a child on time, the child will be asked to stay with the instructor on the gym floor.  The child will not be allowed to wait by the exit door.

Students over age 7: 
A very small percentage of our students are dropped off curbside.  When children over the age of 7 are being dropped off in front of the building, parents are given 60 seconds for drop off, including time to make sure the child has entered the building.  If more than 60 seconds is needed, they are to park in a parking spot until they are prepared to effectively and efficiently drop off the student.  For pick up, a maximum of 60 seconds will be allowed in front of the building.  If parents arrive ahead of time park they must park in a parking spot until they see their child in the front of the building.  Then they may pull up to pick up the child.  At the end of every class each instructor will escort out and wait for anyone who is being picked up outside the building.

At no time are parents to “stack” vehicles, park vehicles or leave them unattended in the fire zone in front of the building.  Children shall enter and exit vehicles from the passenger side only.

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