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     USA Twisterz was founded by Erin Gloor in 2014. With continuing excellence, the company quickly outgrew it original location, in Fairfield New Jersey, therefore upgrading to a larger space in downtown West Caldwell. In this new location the ever-expanding business now encompasses multiple programs. And we are looking forward to each new opportunity to grow, not only as a company, but as a family. 

     From toddlers to high schoolers, the benefits of physical fitness are infinite. Our USA Twisterz instructors ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment, for your child to develop and thrive.  We are committed to the highest principles of sports ethics: fairness, integrity, responsibility and respect.  Developing motor skills, as well as, body awareness, promoting team spirit, and building strong character and self-esteem. We routinely conduct evaluations, with the goal of identifying a student's abilities, so they may grow and excel as an individual.  All the while ensuring that our students gain as much from their experience and having fun while doing so.

     Here at USA Twisterz, we offer year-round classes and events to aid in the development of your child's physical ability, coordination, confidence, and self discipline. Increasing one's physical skills boosts self-esteem, and good self-esteem is the key to a happy life.



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